Our Big Mission

Biocube’s genesis happened with a vision to bring Safety & Security in the evergrowing tech-embracing human lifestyle, through fighting with the most critical challenges of identity theft, fraud etc., and at the same time to bring a new dimension of passwordless, convenient journey to the users on a completely online self-dependent mode.

We believe the real impact of technologies like AI, Computer vision, Analytics, Blockchain etc. can be fully realized when they are practiced in some form or the other in our day-to-day life. Thus, it has been our continuous guiding path to bring the power of Identity validation through the use of cutting edge AI, in user’s hands, on their personal devices.

We are committed to bringing more innovations to ensure trust & authenticity, and we make it Simple, just the way it should be.


What Problems We Solve

  1. Identity Frauds

    Identity theft and impersonation-based frauds are escalating concerns across multiple geographies – for nations, consumers, and businesses. This results not only in security & financial threats, but also serious Privacy & Safety issues for the individuals.

    Biocube’s multi-factor authentication framework minimizes the risk of spoofing through Identity Frauds and guarantees security at each stage of user's journey.

  2. Future Readiness For Identity Democratization

    Strong ID validation is a must for remote service providing in the new multi-sensor, multi-service digital consumer world. Traditional solutions are not conducive to the Zero-Trust framework.

    Biocube ensures a robust zero-trust framework based on randomized authentication mechanism, that helps the online digital transactions across platforms secure & robust.

  3. Hassle-free User Experience

    Using Password/ PIN/ OTP each time for authentication on any device/platform is cumbersome for the users. Managing multiple passwords results in poor user experience and is also prone to hacks/leaks.

    Through Biocube, make use of your physical biometrics, which are your live password, instead of depending on Password/ PIN etc. for any transaction.

  4. Privacy & Data Security Breach

    User Identity Signatures & Personally Identifiable Info (PII) that are stored on centralized database are vulnerable to hacking & breach, and hence User Privacy & Safety are Compromised.

    Biocube’s distributed data architecture assures that the user’s data remain within their ownership & control all the time.

  5. Costly Infrastructure

    Most of the traditional biometric-identity solutions are specialized hardware dependent, thus increasing the upfront CAPEX cost & resulting in high rollout time. Also, there is endless spending involved in hardware/ software upgrade.

    Biocube’s hardware agnostic & SaaS architecture ensures no spend on specialized hardware & faster rollout.

Scale of the Problem

113% rise in the number of Identity Fraud cases in 2020 in the US, with a total cost of USD 56 Billion

  • Increased number of Digital payments in remote shopping during the pandemic lockdown, accounted for an increase in identity fraud in payments, with 18 million victims only in the US.
  • Biometric market is expected to grow from USD 31 billion (2021) to USD 87 Billion (2027)
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