Citizen Benefit Transfer

A single Bio-ID is linked with multiple govt schemes & direct transfer of subsidy/benefits with bio-auth ensures that the benefit is transferred to the genuine beneficiary. There may be scenarios where the beneficiary may not be able to physically present themselves at the premises due to factors such as age, distance or mobility.

When the Bio-ID is linked with the policy holder, it becomes easier for them to minimise use of govt health funds. This feature enhances security for both the government and the policyholder.


Mobile-based Onboarding

Pension holders can avail their pension with bio-auth on their personal devices in the comfort of their home.

National Health Policy Linking

BioID is linked with national health policy, which makes the process of appointment booking & availing treatment easy.

Centralised Platform

Centralised one-tap platform for all updates & enquiry and integrated service availing with enhanced citizen benefit transfer mechanism security.

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