Secure Account KYC & AML

The banking & Payment industry is the fastest adopter of the latest technology trends around the globe. It is always paramount for the nations & the regulators to ensure the security in the financial sector, minimize any irregularities in the system and provide the consumers ease of use. Still, the financial losses due to frauds in banking & transactions have led to a loss in excess of 32 billion dollars worldwide in 2020, according to a report by Merchant Savvy.

On the other hand, the rising competition in the BFSI space requires the industry players to provide the new-age banking experience to the consumers, to ensure a much more seamless journey at each step of the banking lifecycle, while at the same time assuring maximum security in the transactions and minimize any financial frauds & irregularities.

Biocube’s Bio-KYC with multi-factor biometrics & liveness verification and integrated compliances on AML, PEP & Sanction check assures a super-convenient & fool-proof customer due diligence (CDD) process for new customer onboarding and account opening in a seamless manner, completely in a remote self-service mode on customers’ own devices.

The Bio-KYC module is highly customizable from the backend, based on clients’ requirements, to easily add/ subtract checking parameters & modulate the risk threshold, to ensure a completely tamperproof KYC process and to keep the customers’ life simple.


Easy Onboarding on Personal Devices

Self-service biometric KYC, ID validation, Liveness check-based new account opening, everything on own devices - makes the entire onboarding process smooth & easy.

Multi-factor BioSignature for the complete lifecycle

Integrated bio-signatures not only make the onboarding smooth but also ensure the further customer journey e.g. transaction validation, and payments are secure & fraud-free.

Trusted Identity-based Quick Loan Disburse

Verified identity & background for quick decision support for Loan disbursement - Faster approval minimises lost opportunity and the risk of bad loans.

Global Checklist Integration for Compliances

Comprehensive coverage for global compliances through multiple checklist integration for AML, Sanction, Adverse Media, and Identity for comprehensive risk scoring.

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