Access & Attendance

Access control based on verified identity is essential at every premises, be that corporate & government offices, manufacturing plants, critical & sensitive installations, or educational institutes, to ensure the safety of the premises and all individuals inside. The traditional process of access management is paper-ID based manual checking or creating entries in paper logs, which are time-consuming, inefficient, and not tamperproof. Also, for marking attendance by staff, and students, traditionally paper-log based entry systems were well-known, the limitations of which were slowly realized & organizations/ institutes moved towards gen-2 digital attendance.

The gen-2 digital access/ attendance mechanisms brought the concept of electronic readers that provided access or marked attendance based on RFID or chip-based cards. However, the primary problem remains still unsolved – whether the genuine user is carrying the card. It is just assumed as ground truth the possessor of the card is the true owner of the card. Hence, the next-gen access/ attendance solution i.e. the biometric based access/ attendance became popular. But these biometric based systems required specialized biometric hardware installation at each checkpoint, which is costly & not easily scalable.

There comes Biocube’s new age contactless & self-service biometric identity, access & attendance management system, that runs on user’s personal mobile phones and does not need any investment from the organization/ institute on specialized hardware. Moreover, Biocube’s bio-access system is completely spoof-proof, validates your presence, liveness, location & timestamp comprehensively and most of all can run on completely disconnected mode, without any internet connectivity on your edge devices.

On the Biocube powered visitor management system, the visitor needs to do a one-time biometric registration & create the bio-pass on her mobile. At the entry, the visitor simply goes to the access gate and the camera/ tablet kept at the gate automatically recognizes the face and opens the electronic gates. Also, the complete trail of users is visible to the authorities on their admin dashboard with enhanced analytics for any business decisions like effective work hour calculation, estimating capacity allocation, performance monitoring, etc.


Employee / Student Access & Attendance

Enrolled users simply pass in front of the camera/ tablet & check-in, checkout gets marked or the access gate opens. Also, easy self-service attendance marking on own mobile.

Integrated Location, Timestamp, Liveness

No risk of spoofing of any type – every self-service attendance on mobile checks user liveness & captures the real-time location & timestamp & binds with the access log.

Paperless Visitor Management

Zero paperwork for visitor entry system – simple mobile/ web app based visitor prior registration with linked bio-identity and automated access with bio-authentication.

Independent of Internet Connection

The Biocube attendance system does not need a 24x7 internet connection. With limited/ no internet, our AI algorithm does user authentication & authorization on edge devices.

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