How It Works

Using advanced computer vision & AI technology, Palmprint AI captures images of individuals' unique vein patterns (Palm Geometry & Fingertip Shape) in a contactless manner using the camera on a smartphone, laptop or desktop without using a specialized hardware device.

When an individual's biometrics is captured, their identity can be verified across services and platforms (1:1 and 1:N).

User registers with his/her PII & Palmprint

AI will extract the unique palm geometry & shape of fingertips of the individual

Real-time Comparison with other Biometrics in the database

The user will be authenticated if the biometrics are matched



  • Online & offline compatible
  • Supports both 1:1 & 1:N
  • Contactless onboarding & Authentication
  • No expensive biometric hardware is required
  • High Accuracy (Minimum False-positive & False-Negative)
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