Unified & Unparalleled Offerings

Multi-Factor Biometrics on Regular Edge Devices

  • A combinations of two or more factor bio-authentication, assuring the highest level of spoof proofing & authenticity
  • 1200+ unique features based analysis using a proprietary algorithm
  • Randomized authentication challenge provides an element of surprise

Passive Liveness Detection

  • Integrated liveness check guarantees the presence of the real user – prevents deepfake or spoofing attacks
  • Deep Neural Networks (DNN) based passive liveness module does not require any action by the user like smiling, blinking eyes etc.
  • Fully interoperable & works with all modern smart devices

Self Service Multimodal Solution

  • Self Service enrolment & authentication on own devices - Zero dependency on external agents/ service providers
  • Interoperable algorithm supporting any edge device such as, desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, IP cameras etc.
  • User can do registration from one device & then do authenticate from any other type of device

AI-Enabled ID Validation

  • AI & computer vision-enabled verification of Identity documents or source-based verifications
  • Automated data extraction & data population with high accuracy
  • Matching of the ID photo with the registered face biometrics to ensure valid identity of the user

Identification with Face Mask & Other Face Intel

  • Easy Identification when face masks are on – Proprietary algorithm
  • Highly accurate match with old photographs
  • Unmatched Accuracy in matching face with & without a beard

Online & Offline Compatibility

  • Solution is independent of any internet connection
  • Optimized algorithm for Edge device computing & easy bio-auth based service availing
  • Auto sync data efficiently with backend system

AML/PEP/Sanction Check

  • Robust & user-friendly automated due diligence process - Check users against global AML checklist, list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), sanctions, and adverse media
  • Quick onboarding with a unified compliance platform at minimized risk
  • Easy to configure, according to specific checklist/ database based on use case scenario

Cognitive Stack For Gesture / Age/ Gender Detection

  • Mood analysis of individuals through face gestures using AI & machine learning
  • Real-time Age & Gender detection by capturing unique attributes
  • Interoperable algorithm detection of mood through desktop/mobile/ IP cameras

Data Security & Privacy

  • User Data is secured with AES 256 encryption
  • HIPAA, SOC-2 & GDPR compliant
  • User data & biometric is within ownership & control of users
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