New Paradigm
of User Identity

Security & User Control Redefined

Verified Identity based Contactless, Secure, Digital User Lifecycle Management

Identity Theft & Impersonation Fraud

Critical Challenge to Governments & Businesses

Illegal Immigrants are threat on Nation’s security & additional burden on Country’s Economy

Immigration needs to be Digital, Efficient with Zero ID Fraud

Identity frauds in Account opening/KYC and fraudulent transactions – A perennial issue

Robust yet Easy KYC & Transaction System is critical need

Cost of Insurance frauds are in Billions of Dollars – Results Financial Loss to insurers & higher Premium Burden on genuine policyholders

Need a tamperproof ID validation - Policy onboarding to Claim

20 percent of Government revenue is lost in identity fraud worldwide – Benefit goes to wrong hands

Transparency & Secure identity needs to be assured


We Envision

Bringing Convenience, Seamless Experience & comprehensive Security in every human’s life through our innovative AI enabled Biometrics Platform, while ensuring no breach of User Privacy & Data Security and our commitment to Nature.

Our Goal

Empower & Enable every Individual to experience AI & Biometrics powered One Tap Digital Transactions on their own Mobile for all day-to-day transactions - Create a Secure Environment.


Biocube – Our Unique AI enabled Biometric Identity Platform

Trusted Digital Identity – Effortless One-Tap Transactions

Effortless Self-Service Registration on Mobile with Biometrics
Digital Bio-ID on Mobile, tagged with verified Legal Identity
Secure Transactions with Fast & Accurate Identity authentication
Zero risk on User Privacy with proprietary Distributed Architecture

The Impact Potential

Biocube brings changes across geographies, domains & use cases

Flexibility & Adaptation

Easy Integration & Adaptation because of our Platform Agnostic solution architecture

Multi Domain

Applicability & realizable benefit in Multiple Domain & thousands of Use cases

Global Reach

The product is made to impact globally & to be used across the Services & Geographies.

Faster Implementation

Our solution implementation requires Zero/Minimum CAPEX on Specialized Hardware


A Move Towards Sustainability

No Poverty

Govt. Benefits & Food Distribution to right Beneficiary

Zero Hunger

Zero Pilferage | Tamperproof Serving to Poor section | Hunger alleviation

Good Health

Health Benefits & Insurance Fraud prevention Reduced cost of fraud | Affordable healthcare

Quality Education

Verified Student profile & Exam proctoring Enhanced quality of education & learning

Economic Growth

Increased Efficiency, Zero Paperwork & Time waste, Fraud prevention Prevent loss of Public/Private Money & Optimized budget spending

Industry Innovation Infrastructure

Multimodal Biometrics powered by AI on mobile platform Unique & first of its kind mobile biometric platform

Sustainable Cities And Communities

Integrated service for Citizen/Tourists - single BioID Enhanced convenience & Smart workflows

Climate Action

Digital Journey of individual & go Infra-less Zero emission | Reduced Power & Paper use

Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions

Prevent Illegal Immigration & allow verified users for service Enhanced Law & Order and safer ecosystem | Justice for all